Palladium Window Replacement

If you are looking for energy efficient windows and doors, look no further than Pella Corporation. This manufacturer of windows and doors is committed to sustainable business practices and excellent quality. Whether you are looking to replace your windows or doors, a Pella professional is locally located and ready to help. The Pella name is synonymous with superior quality, energy efficiency and local service. Find out more about Pella and our window and door products today.

When you are considering Palladium window replacement, it is important to understand your options. To begin, you should eliminate all sources of moisture penetration. You should also eliminate any fungi that may be present in the wood. To prevent the growth of these fungi, make sure you use a wood preservative on wood. However, you must take care to store it out of reach of children and animals, because most fungicides are toxic.

A Palladian window is a great way to bring a classic, elegant feel to your home. Its three-section design features an arched center area and shorter rectangular windows on either side. This design will bring architectural interest to any room, while not standing out like a sore thumb. While choosing a design, keep in mind the size of the window, the color scheme of the room, and the view from the window.

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